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Eruption Mt Agung Bali

Friday 22 September 2017

Today, Monday, 27 November 2017: Due to the continued eruption of Mount Agung since Saturday, 25 November 2017, and considering the significant level of the eruption, Indonesia’s disaster management agency (BNPB) has raised the alert of the volcano status from level 3 to the highest possible level 4. The volcano has been spewing dark volcanic ash up to 4000 meter heights from the top of the mountain and since last night the volcano has shifted from steam-based eruptions to magmatic eruptions.

The local authorities extended the evacuation zone from 6 km to 10 km for which all villagers living on those areas have been evacuated to the safest possible region, such as Badung and Denpasar.

Furthermore, as the wind blows to the east and southwest direction, the authorities of Ngurah Rai airport Bali, had closed the airport for the next 24 hours and would consider reopen it on Tuesday after evaluating the situation.  The small international airport on the neighboring island of Lombok, Lombok Praya, had already been closed on Sunday after the plumes of ash had drifted east.

GT students are staying and studying at the safest possible area, Denpasar, which is 65 km away from the restricted zone, therefore they will be least likely to be affected by the eruption as well as the volcanic ash. Especially with a lot of rain these last couple of days, the volcanic ash was swept away before reaching our area which is in the far south of the island. Furthermore, there are masks available at the hotel’s reception and at the campus' lobby that students can wear when needed.

Update 21 November - Mount Agung in Karangasem, East Bali, erupted on Tuesday, 21 Nov 2017, at 17:05 Bali time. The eruption was in the form of a thick ash cloud and therefore the local authorities only evacuated the villagers living really close to the mountain up to the radius 7.5 km from the mountain.

Until today, daily activities on the island as well as aviation from and to Bali airport are not affected by the eruption as the wind blows to the east direction. However, the situation could change anytime depending on the level of eruption and wind force/direction. 

Students at Bali, have been provided with masks to be ready to use whenever needed.

We will keep you posted on new developments. 

Update, 5 October - Tremors from the volcano, which indicate rising magma, have remained at high levels since Mt. Agung's alert status was raised to the highest on Sept. 22.
Stenden will keep you informed about the current situation regarding Mt Agung.

Update, 27 September - Stenden Bali campus and the student accommodation (Puri Saron Denpasar hotel) are located in Kuta area which is approximately 65 km away from Mount Agung.  As can be seen on the picture, it is not likely that Kuta will be affected by the eruption impacts as it is located far south.

Should Mount Agung erupt, the impact for the area, where the campus site and student accommodation is located (5km from Kuta) may be haze due to volcanic ash. Once again whether this would reach our area depends on the level of eruption and/or wind force/direction.

An area of approximately 15 km surrounding the volcano has been evacuated (approximately 75000 people). They have been brought to safety.

The aviation will possibly be effected, due to haze and ash clouds. To anticipate, the local authorities have prepared 10 airports close to Bali to accommodate the air traffic. Busses and sea transportation will carry people to access these airports. Thus, in case students need to fly out at the end of this module period, they could travel by land and ferry to a nearby airport.

'Danger', however..

Until today, the status of Mount Agung remains the same as yesterday, which is ‘Danger’, however, we will keep ourselves aware on the latest situation to be able to update our students on this particular issue.As you may have read, official websites (such as the Dutch government site) do not give any negative travel advice or travel warning to Bali. Day to day activities and life in this ‘tourist’ area proceeds as normal. Flights are coming and going as normal.  Read more.

Monday 25 September 2017: As you might know evacuations have been taking place in Bali as Mt Agung threatens to erupt. So far, no direct effects have been experienced in our location in Denpasar, as Mt. Agung is 70 km (43 miles) away. We will keep our students informed by email.

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