University of Applied Sciences

Grading table

A grading table provides the statistical distribution of possible grades for a programme. The grading system used at Stenden Hogeschool (University of Applied Sciences) is a number in the range 1.0 to 10.0, 5.5 being the lowest pass grade. The grading table will only consider pass grades and is based on all grades from the past three years. A grading table is created for each program separately and is updated annually.

Example grading table

9.568 2% 2%
9175 5% 7%
8.5295 8% 14%
7.5595 15% 45%
7710 18% 63%
6.5515 13% 77%
6570 15% 91%
5.5340 9% 100%

An 8.5 score is in the top 14% of all students in this programme. The percentile can be used to interpret the grade of a student independently of the grading system used. When a Stenden grade needs to be compared (or even converted) to a grade from another university with another grading system a Grading Table of the programme from the other university is required.

Example grading table of a university involved in an exchange programme


A student has Stenden grade 8, the corresponding cumulative percentile is 30%. The best match in the table below is the 28% percentile which translates to ©. Please note: a separate Grading Table is required for each programme.