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Inspirational guest lecture held by the best wildlife film maker Michael Sanderson

Wednesday 05 April 2017

On April 4 a guest lecture was offered by the Media & Entertainment Management programme. The lecture was given by Michael J. Sanderson, who runs his production company Ateles Films together with Ana Luisa Santos. With their production company they are focusing on wildlife, natural history and environmental topics for cinema and productions for international markets and channels, like National Geographic, BBC and NHK Japan.

Michael J. Sanderson gave a guest lecturer about camera productions for Media & Entertainment Management students and other highly interested Stenden students and staff in a fully occupied auditorium. Michael talked about his career path, the challenges he faces as a cameraman such as the weather conditions and physical challenges and the equipment necessary in remote areas. Michael worked on national productions like ‘De nieuwe wildernis’, ‘Holland: natuur in de delta’ and one of the newest productions which will be launched in June ‘De wilde stad’. ,,You do not have to travel far for great productions’’. It is all about the light, good scene and the weather conditions Michael said.

Besides, Michael worked on international productions including ‘Saving infinity’, called ‘Return of the spider monkey’ as working title before – his pride and purely own production filmed in Guatemala; ‘Planet Earth ll’ for the British BBC and ‘Barbara Maraques for the Japanese television. Based on one of the questions Michael mentioned there is no animal species he would not like to film. Although, the hardest animal to film were ,,the spider monkeys’’, he said ,,since they were hard to define’’. As a filmmaker, editor and producer Michael said ,,It’s tough, but eventually it pays off’’. Especially the mental challenges he mentioned, ,,you need to manage that’’.

The guest lecture was organized by the guest lecture team of MEM students guided by lecturer Jan Anno Boonstra. Michael J. Sanderson was asked for a skype interview for the TV Magazine of Media & Entertainment Management before, which was the initial reason of getting in contact. During the module, so called ‘Media Productions’, guest lectures are organized by the student event team to get in contact with the real industry and to organize an event as such. Stenden would like to thank the event team for the inspirational guest lecture.

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