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International Teacher Education for Primary Schools Stenden wins Orange Carpet Award

Wednesday 05 April 2017

The International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEps) of Stenden in Meppel has this year won the internationalisation award of the Netherlands: the Nuffic Orange Carpet Award. The Nuffic is the Dutch organisation responsible for the internationalisation of education, and each year presents this award to the best cross-border initiative.

Orange carpet symbolises friendly welcome

The award consists of an actual orange carpet. The orange carpet, a nod to the red carpet rolled out for important guests, symbolises the friendly welcome in the Netherlands offered to foreign students. On Thursday, 6 April at 10.00 a.m., the carpet will be officially rolled out in front of the doors of the Education in Primary Schools institute (pabo) in Meppel.

Public jury

A total of 36 initiatives were nominated. The International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEps) in Meppel was one of the three finalists that presented a pitch at the annual congress of the Nuffic. Via the applause meter, the visitors crowned the ITEps of Stenden as winner with its pitch ‘Teaching is a movement’.

What makes ITEps so special?

The International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEps) is the first bachelor’s study programme in the world for prospective teachers at international schools. It is a collaboration between Stenden and two institutes for higher education in Denmark and Norway. The aim is to develop the ideal curriculum for international education. “The public jury voted entirely with their hands,” says team leader Ton Gelmers, “but I think that the unique character of the study programme was the decisive factor.”

The teacher education programme is taught entirely in English. In addition to Dutch students, ITEps also has many international students and (guest) lecturers. What’s more, all students follow a minor at a European university. The combination of ITEps and the Education in Primary Schools (pabo) diploma makes graduates of interest to both the international labour market and schools in the Netherlands that provide bilingual primary education.