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Guest lecture Tomislav Perko attracts viewers from all over the world

Thursday 04 May 2017

On May 3 Tomislav Perko gave a guest lecture at Stenden in cooperation with Studium Generale Leeuwarden. Tomislav Perko (31) is a travel writer from Croatia who travelled for 7 years without any pocket money. Perko is one of the most viewed TEDx speakers.


During the guest lecture Tomislav Perko shared his travel stories based on his books 1000 days of Spring and 1000 days of Summer. It all begun during the financial crisis of 2008, when Perko had a financial loss of over 30.000 euro. Perko decided to work at a local pub and received travelers from all over the world via Couch Surfing; they got a place to sleep on his couch in his apartment in Zagreb. The travelers inspired Perko and he started hitchhiking throughout Europe, spending only about 5-6 euro a day. 

‘Comment questions of a day’

Perko also got inspired by the programme of Ray William Johnson and his YouTube series ‘Comment questions for a day’. Perko filmed himself on numerous places in the world, asking the same question. Eventually he got his "30 seconds of fame" in the YouTube series, and a news channel approached him in Croatia. Even MasterCard wanted to sponsor him with a laptop, photo camera, pocket money, etc. Perko travelled for 5 years and wrote his first book 1000 days of Spring in Ecuador while on his travels and his second book 1000 days of Summer on Bali. Perko published the books himself and now he attracts thousands of visitors with his TEDx presentations. 

‘learn, observe, don’t judge’

Perko gave some advice during his lecture, like: "Learn from others, learn to observe and don’t judge." He also stated that "The destination does not matter, but who you are, what you do and with whom.’’ It also depends on the period of your life, he believes: "Whether you are in love or not.’’ Perko advises to travel with somebody else to share your stories with. However, Perko thinks you should not wait for others to travel; there will be no perfect conditions or circumstances. And of course Perko faced fear or danger as well: "What if I fail?’’ Perko is convinced that when a doors closes, windows opens. Some people find that Perko has a brave mentality, however Perko thinks that anyone can do what he does: "It is about your mindset’’, Perko stated.  

The guest lecture was organised at Stenden in cooperation with Studium Generale Leeuwarden. Via a live stream connection on the Stenden Facebook page, viewers from all over the world could view the guest lecture; including viewers from Bangladesh, Mauritius and Sweden.

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