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Stenden's Research Group wins international award

Monday 12 June 2017

Leeuwarden, 6th of June 2017 - Last week the winner of the International I-Chrie Johnson & Wales Case Study Competition 2017 was announced. This year the case study competition has been very intense. Out of 18 significant high quality case studies the one of the Dutch Research Group Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism, associated with Stenden Hotel Management School from the Netherlands, has won.

Sustainability in Australia

The winning case ‘Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort’ is written by lecturers of the research group and is used in Stenden’s Master in Hospitality and Service Management programme. Professor and lector Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism Dr. Elena Cavagnaro: “Sustainability is an important part of the Masters programme where lectures of Hospitality and Tourism Management work together. The Aquis case reflects the vision of sustainability as value creation on an economic, social and environmental dimension. It touches on individual, organizational and governmental responsibilities. Another innovative feature of the case is the combination of a business ethics and a stakeholders' approach. It is a complex case, and it is really challenging for our students. Yet, as students' evaluations show, they appreciate this challenge.

I am convinced that the jury took the positive students' evaluations into account when selecting our case for this prestigious prize. I am very proud of my co-authors, Femke Vrenegoor and Sarah Seidel, members of my research group and respectively of Stenden Hotel Management School and Stenden Leisure and Tourism School. They share my and Stenden’s commitment to excellence".

First prize

The case is going to be published in I-Chrie’s case study journal, and the first prize consist of presenting the case study to an international audience during the I-Chrie conference in Baltimore. Furthermore, the 1st place winner receives free admission to the conference, and 1,000 USD to compensate for travel costs.

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