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Stenden Students provide 600 children in Africa with a daily meal and an education… for a whole year!

Tuesday 31 January 2017

The proceeds from the Mary’s Meals dinnershow are known. An impressive total of € 8.756,08 was raised. More 603 children can be provided with a daily meal for an entire year! Last week students of Stenden Hotel Management School students following the minor ‘Event Management’ organized this dinnershow for Mary’s Meals in the city theatre in Leeuwarden. Mary’s Meals helps break the cycle of poverty by providing one good meal a day to some of the world’s poorest children.

Mary’s Meals

Within 7 weeks Stenden students have organised events to raise money for the no-frills charity Mary’s Meals. The dinnershow was one of the events. Mary’s Meals provides children in the poorest countries with a meal a day at the place of education. As a result, the children can go to school without an empty stomach to follow classes, instead of working or begging to meet the cost of food. In addition the education offers them a chance for a better future. Stenden has adopted the Mkwilira Primary School in Malawi, Africa and is registered with Universities Fighting World Hunger.


The evening was filled with several perfomances. From dance groups Addance and Top Secreet to a caberet act from H.H.H. Overdijk & Kola. Next to these performances an auction was held. Craig Thompson Head of Stenden Hotel Management School said: “This was a fantastic event in every way. It was professionally organised…and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended…but more than this, the money raised will help change the lives of so many….making it the best example I’ve seen of Real World Learning“