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Student service and facilities

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Student Services and Facilities - GENERAL


The I-study is our student information centre. You can contact the centre if you need assistance or support with any academic issues.

They also provide the following information and services:

  • Welcome and orientation for new students
  • Preliminary information on visa, residence permits and immigration issues
  • Information about health services and insurance (including assistance in finding an English-speaking GP)
  • Registration and de-registration
  • Progress and registration of study results
  • Course information
  • Appointments with student counsellors
  • Room reservations
  • Library services (Emmen and Meppel branches)

Contact details

Tel.: +31 (0) 58 244 1200

Tel.: +31 (0) 591853192

Information and Registration Centre

This centre liaises with students before their arrival and helps them make the necessary preparations, as well as providing information on the application and admission process, financial matters, visas, accommodation and so on.

Contact details

Tel.: + 31(058) 244 1940

Student Mobility Centre

This point of contact provides information about international opportunities at Stenden, including the Exchange programme (in which over 90 partner universities worldwide participate) and the Grand Tour (the opportunity to study at our own overseas campuses in Qatar, South Africa, Thailand and Indonesia).

E-mail: or

Student Counselling Department

  • If you have questions about your studies
  • If you are experiencing problems with time management and study skills (training is provided)
  • If you are experiencing personal problems (homesickness, performance anxiety, stress, etc.)
  • If you fall behind in your classes due to special circumstances
  • If you have a disability
  • Any cases involving conflicts, objections, appeals and the Binding Study Advice
  • If you require psychological help, they can refer you to an expert. Please know that any information you may choose to share is treated in strictest confidence.

Contact details


Student services and facilities - LEEUWARDEN


The I-Shop sells various types of Stenden merchandise, provides assistance with computer problems, sells Module books and stationery items and rents out technical equipment for specific courses.

Cafeteria (Canteen)

The cafeteria serves different types of cuisine to cater to all tastes, with menus including ‘Made in Europe’, ‘East Meets West’ and ‘Out of Africa’. If you’re in a hurry or for smaller appetites, there is a bread and salad bar, a soup station and a coffee corner, which serves delicious snacks such as muffins, cakes, etc.

After a long day of classes you can also enjoy a delicious home-cooked dinner at student-friendly prices.


Café serving sandwiches, muesli and yoghurts, salads and soups for a quick lunch or snack. Newly renovated in 2015, the café includes a coffee corner with delicious coffee varieties, smoothies, juices, freshly baked cakes and pastries. On sunny days students and staff can sit outside and relax with a healthy snack and drink.

Contemplation Centre

As an international university, we accommodate the needs of people from all over the world.
Our Contemplation Centre provides a reflective space where students from different religious backgrounds can pray or meditate in private. Located at the heart of the campus, the Contemplation Centre nevertheless provides a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The multi-faith centre includes three religious areas for Hindus, Muslims and Christians. You can book the rooms in advance so you know you will be alone and are not disturbed by anyone.

Hestia Student Lounge

Run by students for students, the Hestia Student Lounge is a space to connect, network and meet new people. It is open every day during the week and provides guests with free coffee, tea and Wi-Fi. The Student Lounge regularly hosts events such as flea markets, barbeques and theme parties and offers services such as a free Dutch language course. Students can rent the space for private events and functions. If you wish to rent the lounge, you must pay a deposit, which will be refunded if you leave the facilities in good condition.

Stenden Toastmasters Club

Committed to building a network and improving public speaking skills, Toastmasters believes in cultivating a friendly learning environment that helps people to develop their communication and leadership skills. Stenden Toastmasters is a unique club in the Netherlands, affiliated with Stenden and open to anyone. The members are students as well as non-students from the greater Leeuwarden area. This means that the club has access to the university facilities and receives full support from Stenden.


Enactus stands for: “Entrepreneurial Action for others creates a better world for Us all.” A worldwide network with 13 teams in the Netherlands, this is an organisation run by students who commit to social projects and charities that aim to make a meaningful difference in their communities and contribute to a more sustainable world. The Stenden Enactus team consists of 25 students from 5 different countries who have already completed 20 successful projects. Student from all courses are welcome to join.


The Foreign Relations Committee organises social programmes especially for incoming exchange students and Grand Tour students from other Stenden branches. Activities include weekend trips in and outside the Netherlands, sporting events, parties, dinners, etc.


EXPECT offers students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their talents and further develop key ‘soft’ skills. They offer different workshops and courses, social projects, study tours, meetings and personal talks. The majority of these events and activities are free, although a small contribution is charged for some.


+31 6 16 90 07 52

Leeuwarden Studiestad

Organisation dedicated to making Leeuwarden the perfect place to live and enjoy student life. They organise activities and events for students and sell the Student Sport Pass, which gives students access to a multitude of sports facilities at a very competitive rate.

Student services and facilities - EMMEN

Erasmus Student Host TOAMK For Erasmus Exchange students

The Erasmus student host team of Stenden University Emmen welcomes incoming Erasmus Exchange students. Each exchange student is contacted by a Stenden host student some 2 months before arrival in Emmen. This host student is your tutor/ buddy during your entire stay in Emmen and helps you to understand the educational organisation, the rules and regulations and of course introduce you to his/her social network.

The Country Club

International students are invited to join the country club which will organise theme evenings introducing cultures from around the world.

Dionysus Student Association

Dionysus is the Emmen Student Association which organises events and parties. Join Stenden Dionysus on Facebook.


Participation in Enactus provides university students with the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their communities, while gaining the experience, skills and contacts necessary to build a successful career. As a member of an Enactus team, you'll be joining a worldwide network of more than 57,000 other students who are each making their own contribution toward the shared mission of creating a better world. It's an experience that will change the lives of those in need and quite possibly your own as well.

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