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Students with disabilities

Stenden University of Applied Sciences strives to offer every student equal opportunities. Do you have a disability and would you like to follow a course? Every study programme at Stenden provides students with the opportunity to make individual adjustments to education, guidance or the review process. This means having a disability does not exclude you from being able to study at Stenden.

What is a disability?

Disability is an umbrella term for chronic illnesses, psychological and physical ailments, dyslexia and dyscalculia. Disabilities do not always lead to hindrance in your studies. If they do, we will find a solution regarding facilities and/or adjustments to the study programme. We want to make sure you are not obstructed by your disability.

Notify us of your disability

Before you start your study programme, or very soon after it starts, you can request a meeting with a student counsellor. You will discuss what obstacles you think you are going to come across during your course and what Stenden can do in order to support you in overcoming these. Bring any important, relevant documents regarding your situation to this meeting. This includes a medical certificate from your doctor or psychologist. We require this certificate to be able to adjust your study programme or to provide extra facilities. If you develop a disability during your studies, you can also discuss this with the student counsellor.

Study and disability contract

The agreements made about adjustments to facilities or your study programme are recorded in a 'study and disability contract'. This document lists the responsibilities of both Stenden and you as a student. If your situation changes, let us know in time, so your contract can be amended. 

Guidance during your studies

Throughout your time at Stenden, you will receive guidance and support, preventing study delay as much as possible. This guidance is offered by your student counsellor. Sometimes it is necessary to look outside Stenden for additional specialist support.

Adjustments during your studies

Every course at Stenden offers the possibility to make adjustments when necessary. The possibilities differ per individual course. Listed below are examples of disabilities and their possible solutions:

  • Dyslexia: extended time during tests, enlarged font, using a computer to answer open questions during tests and being able to use software to read text out loud.
  • Chronic illness: lowering the required attendance. You then make arrangements with fellow group members about receiving the notes they took, or you discuss the subject material with the lecturer. You can also follow specific components of your study programme at a later date or follow classes in a different group.
  • ADHD: doing internal courses within Stenden like, ‘from reading to learning’ and ‘procrastination’. You can also receive individual support from the student counsellor or additional support from your classmates.

Additionally, the following situations may apply to your situation:

  • Internships: are you unable to do a full internship because of a chronic illness? Discuss the possibility to reduce the amount of hours needed with your internship coordinator. In some cases, this is compensated by extending the duration of the internship.
  • Hospital visits or therapy: are you required to have regular check-ups at the hospital or do you have therapy once per week? In most cases, your course can take this into consideration when deciding on your schedule. Depending on the amount of hours you are going to miss, certain changes in your schedule can be made. This includes following lectures in a different group, lowering the attendance requirement or a replacement assignment. Structurally required facilities can be added to your study and disabilty contract in consultation with the student counsellor.

Requesting financial contribution

Unfortunately, there are not many options for international students to apply for financial support. In a select few cases the Erasmus programme offers EU-students the option to apply for additional funds to do an internship abroad. You are only eligible for this if you receive student finance from the Dutch government. 

Please check the Erasmus programme website or contact a student counsellor for more information.  

Contact information

For more information about applying and receiving guidance and support during the course of your studies, you can reach out to a Stenden student counsellor. You can make an appointment by contacting iStudy:

Locations Leeuwarden and Groningen

(+31)58 244 1100  

Locations Emmen, Assen and Meppel

(+31)591 835 192

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