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Tuition Fees and Living costs

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Displayed below are the tuition fees. If you have any questions regarding payment, please consult tuition payment and refunds.  

Tuition Fees

 September entry (Annual fees)

Bachelor’s programmes
EU students €2,006 
Non-EU students€7,900
Master’s programmes
Single Degree €11,500* 
Dual Degree
(Dutch Master’s + British MSc)
English-language prep course
(18 weeks)
English-language prep. course
(36 weeks)
English-language prep. course + PreMaster´s
(36 weeks)

 February entry (Biannual fees)

Bachelor’s programmes
EU students €1,157.34
Non-EU students€4,550
Pre-Master´s course (18 weeks)€5,000
English-language prep. course (18 weeks)€3,450
English-language prep. course (36 weeks)€6,900

Please note: since additional study expenses (including books, field trips, administration fees, etc.) may vary depending on the course, we recommend that you check the Course Programme page for further details. 

Living expenses

The information below provides a rough indication of your living expenses as a student at our university. Depending on your lifestyle, you should expect to spend a minimum of €600-€800 a month. 

Accommodation incl. utilities (per month)€250-€600
Food (per month)€200-€350
Medical insurance (per month)€45*
Visa & residence permit fees
(once, only Non-European Students)

 *For further details on health insurance in the Netherlands, please click here.

Other expenses

The table below shows expenses you may incur in addition to tuition fees and living expenses (for transport, entertainment, etc.): 

Single city bus ticketFrom €2
Bicycle (used)From €50
Dining out (main course)From €10
Cinema ticketFrom €9
HaircutFrom €15
Sports pass (annual fee)From €59
Single train ticket to AmsterdamFrom €20
Return airfare Amsterdam–Rome (low-cost carrier)From €45
Rental car (per day)*From €19
Shuttle bus from airport to Leeuwarden (one-way)€150

 *You will require a valid driving licence.

Be sure to always carry your student card with you, as many places offer student discounts.

Bank account

We strongly recommend that you open a bank account during your stay in the Netherlands. This way, you’ll avoid paying high transaction charges and will have access to an online payment tool, which is linked to your bank account. The most popular online payment method in the Netherlands, iDEAL, is also used at Stenden University of Applied Sciences. iDEAL is similar to PayPal but even easier to use and just as secure.

Stenden has an exclusive partnership with ABN AMRO, the largest bank in the Netherlands. There is an ABN AMRO branch on campus, which offers special student banking services at reduced rates.

Their student package is for free and includes the following services: 

  • Debit card plus PIN (can be used worldwide)
  • Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Electronic bank statements

To be eligible to open a bank account, you must be enrolled at Stenden and have registered with the local authority (that is, be a local resident). You can open your account either at the campus branch or online. At the campus branch you need to make an appointment to open a Dutch bank account. You will require the following documents:

  • Passport (no copy!)
  • Proof of enrolment
  • Citizen Service Number (BSN Number)
  • Rental contract

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