Stenden University of Applied Sciences and NHL University of Applied Sciences have merged on 1st of January and is now NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. For the latest information on the university, the courses and application procedure please visit our new website:

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University of Applied Sciences

Academization Office

The Academization Office supports the various research departments at Stenden University of Applied Sciences and facilitates coordination and collaboration between these departments. The Office is dedicated to further embedding the education provided at the University within an academic research context and ensuring high-quality research.


The Office’s main duties include:

  • Setting clear policies for research at Stenden University of Applied Sciences and supporting research departments in pursuing these policies.
  • Managing the process of monitoring and improving the quality of research. This is not a one-time activity with a beginning and end, but rather an ongoing process.
  • Encouraging and promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange between research departments. This extends to quality assurance, management of the research departments, defining research topics and applying for government funding (grants).

Highly qualified lecturers

A secondary responsibility of the Academization Office is improving the research skills of the Stenden staff. As part of these efforts, we introduced a special course in Research Methods for Staff Members and established the Research & Statistics Learning and Consultancy Center, where lecturers – and, in the future, students – can find answers to questions regarding research and statistics (while working on their final-year project, Master’s thesis, PhD thesis, etc.) In addition, the Center also offers statistics workshops and is in the process of developing a digital Blackboard course in statistics for lecturers.

Courses for students

If you are currently enrolled as a student at Stenden and would like to brush up on your maths or expand your knowledge of maths and statistics, you have the option to attend the following courses during the 2015-2016 academic year:

  • Introductory course in Mathematics (taught in Dutch).
  • English-language refresher course in basic Mathematics
  • English-language course in Advanced Mathematics and Statistics

External contacts

Our bureau represents Stenden in various research networking organisations, and we also organise external competitions for which Stenden students are also welcome to register (including the Van Welderen Rengers Award, the LC Award and our own Stenden Award).

Advisory Board

The Academization Office collaborates with the Stenden Advisory Board for Research and Academization, which advises Stenden on establishing and developing research and academization at our University.


The Board includes the following members:

  • Professor H.C. Moll, Chair
    Professor of Environmental Science and Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Sciences (IVEM) at Utrecht University.
  • Professor Jur. F. Lehmann, member
    Degree Course Director for the Master in European Studies programme at Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Germany.
  • Professor M. A. Allers, member
    Professor of Local Government Economics and Director of the Centre for Research on Local Government Economics (COELO) at Utrecht University.
  • Prof. T. Buzan, member
    Inventor and developer of the Mind Map.
  • M. Geersing, BSc, MSc, member
    formerly Deputy Chair of the Supervisory Board of Stenden University of Applied Sciences (formerly CHN).

Pictured from left to right:
- Mr. L. Klaassen, Chair of the Board of Governors of Stenden University of Applied Sciences
- Professor Jur. F. Lehmann
- Professor H.C. Moll
- Dr H. Blom, Director of Academic Affairs, ESR/Stenden Academization Office.
- Professor M. A. Allers
- Professor T. Buzan
- K.W. van der Hoek, MSc, Deputy Chair of the Stenden Board of Governors
- M. Geersing, BSc, MSc

Quality Assurance

The Research Quality Assurance Validation Committee is responsible for ensuring the quality of the research conducted at Stenden University of Applied Sciences. This independent external committee has assessed our quality assurance system and concluded that it operates effectively.

From the Validation Committee’s report:
“The Research Quality Assurance Validation Committee has expressed a favourable assessment of the Stenden University of Applied Sciences quality assurance system. The Committee has found that the University has a serious commitment to its research efforts, and increasing the role of research within Stenden’s activities is one of the cornerstones of the University’s policy. Stenden is currently in transition, being in the process of further promoting the interaction between research and education at its institution. Since early 2012, the research department no longer form part of the same entity but rather each separate department is affiliated with one of the Schools. The Committee is pleased to conclude that the new organisational structure has been welcomed and widely supported within the organisation.

The Research Quality Assurance Validation Committee has found Stenden to have a sound quality assurance system in place, which despite its recent establishment has the potential to develop into a truly excellent system. The quality assurance system established is consistent with the current transitional stage of the research conducted at Stenden. Stenden has committed itself to integrating research more closely into its education programmes. The staff at Stenden has the ability to assess themselves critically and handle any weaknesses in a level-headed and spirited manner. The Committee would, however, warn Stenden against excess of any kind and, in light of the tendency within the institution towards perfectionism, remind it to “Not let perfect be the enemy of good”, as an emphasis on perfection could result in no improvement at all.

Additional information


Dr Herman Blom

Director of Academic Affairs
T: +31 (0)6 19281329
(To schedule an appointment, please contact Sonja Schuil)

Mr Rob Flohr, MSc

Lecturer in Mathematics and Statistics
T: +31 (0)6 19304983

Sonja Schuil-Groen

Office Manager
T: +31 (0)58 244 1572
T: +31 (0)6 1928 1329

Stenden University of Applied Sciences and NHL University of Applied Sciences have merged on 1 January 2018 and are now NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences.

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