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Leadership and Change Management

They say change is the only constant, and this is certainly true for organisations – and for the society in which they operate. Organisations reflect their societies at least to some extent, and management styles in organisations are also evolving constantly. This presents a challenge for the Department of Leadership and Change management, which conducts research into leadership in the face of organisational change.

People-orientated approach

Managing changes within organisations should be an ‘inside-out’ rather than a ‘top-down’ process: in addition to focusing on objectives and results, we should adopt a more people-orientated management style. In our research, we therefore consider both form and content, along with standards and values and the aspects that give people’s lives meaning. The Professor of Applied Sciences and the members of the Research Group regularly publish articles on subjects such as friendship, wellbeing, moral and ethical considerations, and personal leadership in organisations.

Relationship with education

Leadership and Change Management is affiliated with the School of Social Work and Arts Therapies and with the Master’s programme in Learning and Innovation at Stenden University of Applied Sciences. The department maintains an extensive network of universities of applied sciences in the northern part of the Netherlands, Groningen University, VU University Amsterdam and the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht.

Research and practice

We attempt to acquire knowledge and insight through our research, but we also aim to support leadership and organisational change in practice, and in so doing use research as a reflective and educational tool. The Department’s Professor of Applied Sciences Dr Anthonio has described this approach as Reflective Longitudinal Research.

Organisations should conduct satisfaction surveys on a regular basis. The Research Group conceived a method to facilitate data collection for this type of research. The feedback from organisations has been nothing but positive, while PhD students have also found the approach to be germane to their research.

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Research Group

Professor of Applied Sciences Dr Gabriël Anthonio heads up the Research Group, with the other members including employees and lecturers of Stenden University of Applied Sciences. All the members of the Research Group are involved in research, as well as teaching, giving training courses, exchanging knowledge, attending conferences and working on their own development.


If you have any questions about the Research Group or would like to receive more information, please contact Administrative Assistant Trienke Wolters. She can be contacted by telephone at +31 (0)58 244 10 56 or by e-mail at


The Research Group of the Leadership and Change Management Department comprises the following members:


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