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Professional Educational Institutions

The Department of Professional Educational Institutions examines how schools can develop into effective educational institutions that ensure quality and regard teachers as professionals and leaders in education.

The Department contributes to the public debate on teachers’ professional autonomy: to what extent are teachers free to organise their classes as they see fit? Should learning objectives, course content and teaching methods be set in stone, or can teachers add their own touches – and, if so, how much scope do they have? Some of the research questions addressed include: what is a professional teacher, what sort of leadership styles should teachers and school boards exhibit and – more generally – what constitutes an effective organisational institution? The educational objectives and quality criteria also form part of our research, since a teacher’s role cannot be determined or assessed separately from these educational objectives. In addition to conducting research, the Department also intends to provide a platform to facilitate an inclusive debate on the role of teachers.

Our research hews closely to the book Leidinggeven aan professionals? Niet doen!' (‘Managing Professionals? Don’t Do It!’) by Mathieu Weggeman, a lecturer in Organisational Theory.

Relationship with education

The Department of Professional Educational Institutions is affiliated with Stenden’s School of Education. One of our objectives is to contribute to the Stenden curriculum, and to do so, we helped develop the Master’s programme in Learning & Innovation, for example. As a student in one of our teacher training programmes, your classes will cover the subject of professional educational institutions. If you find that you take an interest in this subject, you may be able to participate in one of the Department’s research projects.

Research Group

The kenniskring, i.e. the Research Group affiliated with the Department of Professional Educational Institutions, is in the process of being established.


If you have any questions about the Research Group or would like to receive more information, please contact our Administrative Assistant, Dirkje Elgersma. She can be contacted by telephone at +31 (0)58 244 14 26 or by e-mail at



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